If something happens to you, what happens to your pets?

The Home Ever After Program

Pets are cherished members of the family, so we believe that safeguarding their future is vitally important and a fundamental requirement for any responsible pet owner. Having a plan in place provides great peace of mind and secures the future wellbeing of your pet, should something happen to you.

The Benefits

1. Your pet will be cared for, and a loving new home found

Even if you have a person to care for your pet, Home Ever After can be a reassuring backup plan. Family members’ lives can change, and neighbours can move away. By registering in Home Ever After you will have the peace of mind, that whatever happens, your pet will be cared for.

2. Your Pet's Profile held on record

When you register your pet in our Home Ever After program, you provide us with detailed information about their specific needs and personality traits. We hold this information on record to ensure, should the time come, we have all we require to care for your pet and match them with the right, adoring new family.

3. Your final wishes for your pet are known and respected

It’s essential to leave clear instructions for who you wish to look after your pet. Once your pet has been registered in the Home Ever After program, you should let your loved ones and neighbours know of your plans. We will share your instructions regarding your pet’s care with their new owners, so that they can provide the care for your pets that truly reflects your wishes.

4. Provides you with peace of mind

Having the Home Ever After program as a future care plan for your pet takes away the worry. With the welfare of your pet as our priority, you will have peace of mind knowing that, if you were no longer here for your pet, we will be.

Does it cost anything?

The program is a service offered to animal lovers who leave a gift in their Will to RSPCA. We rely on donations and community support to generate more than 90% of the funding required to sustain our important animal protection work. So whatever the size of your gift, it makes a significant difference to the work we do for vulnerable animals.

Would you like to know more?

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